Software Engineer (Full Stack)

London, United Kingdom · Product


Appear Here is the leading marketplace for renting short-term space, working with everyone from industry leading brands to exciting start-ups. Our mission is to create a world where anyone with an idea can find space to make it happen.

What you'll be doing

Our engineering team is made up of a small group of Rubyists, but we are not dogmatic about our language choice. We believe in choosing the best tools for the task at hand and ensuring that we deliver value to our customers.

The stack uses Ruby for most of the backend and Rails, CSS Modules and React are the main tools behind the consumer facing web application. Postgres is our main data store, Redis as our key/value store and we make use of Memcached for fragment caching.

When it comes to deploying code we love pull requests & code review, and nothing ever gets deployed without the OK from Travis-CI. We favour feature flags over staging environments and we deploy to production several times a day; deployment cycles shouldn’t get in the way of delivering value. We run on AWS and deploy through OpsWorks.

We need great people helping us build software for our brands, ensuring we match them to their ideal space and make it easy for them to complete a process completely online.

We want to build technology that allows landlords to dig into their space data and get insights on their market. We also want to build dashboards that give them a single view of their spaces and provide them the tools they need to manage it from anywhere in the world.


Why we like you

Why you like us

We make ideas happen. Work with some of the most inspiring and innovative brands out there.

We’re no bullshit. You won’t find office politics or excuses here – we say it how it is.

We punch above. We give you the opportunity to achieve more than you thought you could.

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